PRIOCARE HEALTH SERVICES supplements Glenmoor House, which is another Avery home in Corby, which has joint journeys masterminded.

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PriocareHealth Check goes beyond mandatory requirements and yet simplifies the process for school managements, students and parents. Children who require it are given a one-on-one follow-up. The technologically-enabled Electronic Health Records maintains the updated health status of each child in an accurate and easily retrievable format.

Our school health check services:

  • Hearing
  • Vision
  • Speech Language
  • General health check
  • Growth and development
  • Dentistry
  • Medical Examination


Hearing loss can be treated, but hearing cannot be restored. In most cases, hearing loss is treated with the use of hearing aids. Some are treated with different types of implants and surgery may cure some types of conductive hearing loss. A sensorineural hearing loss is normally treated with hearing aids.


Some kinds of vision loss can be reversed with medical intervention. Cataracts, for instance, can be corrected by removing the eye's cloudy lens and replacing it with a clear, new synthetic one. In contrast, vision loss associated with glaucoma is impossible to reverse due to the long-term damage to the optic nerve.

Speech Language

Speech therapy is the assessment and treatment of communication problems and speech disorders. ... Speech therapy techniques are used to improve communication. These include articulation therapy, language intervention activities, and others depending on the type of speech or language disorder.

General health check

Height / weight check.
Blood pressure check.
Cholesterol level check.
Blood sugar test.
Throat check.
Ear check.
Eye check.
Electrocardiogram (for those at a higher risk of heart disease)

Growth and development

Physical growth is an increase in size. Development is growth in function and capability. Both processes highly depend on genetic, nutritional, and environmental factors. As children develop physiologically and emotionally, it is useful to define certain age-based groups.


By nature of their general training they can carry out the majority of dental treatments such as restorative (fillings, crowns, bridges), prosthetic (dentures), endodontic (root canal) therapy, periodontal (gum) therapy, and extraction of teeth, as well as performing examinations, radiographs (x-rays), and diagnosis.

Medical Examination

A full physical examination is a general examination of the body performed by the doctor or general practitioner (GP). The examination will cover most of the basic systems of the body, including the heart system, lung system, gut system and nerve system examination